Enhanced Music for healing the spirit... Build your own... Maybe somebody will "build a better mousetrap"
Sveti Tomaz
...and the good ear will listen to wisdom

Sound Therapy treatment for Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disrder.

Download MP3 to your computer or ipod, burn a CD etc.

The MP3 has a slightly inferior sound to the wav file but is less expensive for me and should be adequate for our purpose.

2. Build the following headphone setup. This uses all radio shack (generic) parts except for the OUTI bone conduction earphones.
Notice that the MP3 is a stereo signal. The left. or louder signal is intended to go to the Bone Conduction earphones. The right channel is intended to go to the radio shack (or other ) headphones. The same signal goes to both the left and right ears.  If you can control the volume on the right and left ears separately, turn down the left ear to about 75 percent of the right ear so that the right ear is louder,.
The bone conductors require 3 or 4 times the amplification power that the regular earphones require. The OUTI has its own amplifier that must be recharged. There are other ways to do this by using more amplification from your computer etc, but to avoid confusion I will just describe the OUTI.

3.Bone conduction headphones seem to be hard to find. I got some OUTI headphones for $40 onm Ebay. They should be available for between $30 and $80 on the internet. Other bone vibrators should also work.

4. The music is pre-mixed/pre-filtered using our proprietary machine which incorporated some of the theories of Tomatis and my selection of music. Its purpose is to stiulate the ear/vestibular system into recognizing UP and Down and to help the balance function of the vestibular system.

Once the child recognized up and down he will stop spinning and start to differentiate Me and Thou.. Once he sees this distinction he will begin to interact with you and give you a lot  of  back-talk. The onset of the "Terrible Twos  means that your child will begin to interact with the would as a normal human being.
Your child should listen for 2 hours a day. 1 and a half hours of Beethoven Haydn and Mozart and one half hour of chanting, opera and voice.

What this does NOT do is give you the capacity for microphone work. The real Tomatis effect works on the principle of a loop between the ear and the voice. For that you need some sort of device that does gating. see this link.

Bill Kennick
The microphone,
along with the gate, is the most important
feature of the Tomatis Machine.
 The microphone completes the loop in the auditory-vocal
 re-education process;
 it is the glue for permanent change of the Tomatis Effect.
In a typical microphone
session, the client hears his own voice
 through the machine, which is modified
 through the gate, channels, delays,
filters and balance, so as to accentuate the high frequencies.
 With this high frequency feedback the client is
eventually able to incorporate
 these frequencies into his voice.

see Caruso Voiceprint